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Akshaya is committed to helping the helpless, homeless, sick, elderly, mentally ill
and destitute in Madurai, India by providing healthy food, care, and opportunity
to rehabilitate in order to restore human dignity.


Inside the Akshaya HomeRich Culture,Kind Nature

From beautiful temples of worship to the array of colors in the clothing to vibrant spices used in everyday cooking, Madurai, India at first glance is a place with a rich culture.

While much of what you see is beautiful at first glance, take a deeper look and you'll see a vast difference in economic classes. One look at those in poverty or struggling to survive and you'll see so many people that need our help. You may even see Narayanan Krishnan feeding. providing much needed personal care and endless compassion to those in need.

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Welcome to Akshaya USA

We apologize to all our followers and visitors for the lack of updates to the website. While the website has been in a state of hibrination the activities of Akshaya USA and Akshaya Trust have been busier then ever. We are working on a complete update to the website so follow us as we unfold all the wonderful events at Akshaya.

Akshaya Keeps her promise

In 2010 on the stages of CNN as one of the top ten CNN Heroes Narayanan Krishnan made a promise. A promise to house the mentally disabled homeless and senior homeless who live on the streets of Madurai. On November 2nd Krishnan returned to California and in front of a packed auditorium made Akshaya proud. Today Akshaya house 450 residents.  This 9 minute video is a testament to Akshaya's work

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