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A trust Well earned

Dear Akshaya Supporters:

As some of you may be aware, interested parties have targeted Akshaya Trust in Madurai with unfounded allegations.  Given Krishnan’s reputation, some in the news media have publicized these allegations with enthusiasm, as news like this tend to drive their profile and profits.

It is ironic to us that many of these organizations never cared for the homeless, mentally challenged and destitute people many of who were routinely abused, mistreated and dying on the streets of Madurai. Those that have witnessed the horror of life on the streets will quickly appreciate the vast improvement in lives of the Akshaya Home residents.

We believe the complaints are baseless and without merit. Krishnan has spent 11 years of his life creating a moral and transparent charity whose sole effort is to bring compassionate care to otherwise abandoned and forgotten people.  When he was chosen as a CNN Hero, his background, and Akshaya Trust's legitimacy and integrity underwent close scrutiny.

At this time of challenges against Akshaya Trust's integrity, we ask our supporters to be patient until the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court passes final judgment. We do intent to publish a detailed account of what has transpired in last few weeks, and to present our side of the story through legitimate channels with documented evidences.

The majority of letters and comments from our supporters have been very positive and supportive; there are, however, a few who have given credence to the unfounded charges against Akshaya Trust.  

We ask all to be patient and wait until the final court decisions and the facts behind the charges are released to the public before drawing any conclusions.

Please contact us at info@akshayausa.org if you have any questions or concerns. We will keep you informed of developments


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Food Samaritan

Indian Pearls: Food SamaritanTHE WEEK magazine, the largest-selling English news magazine in India, featured a full-page story of Narayanan Krishnan as a part of its cover story in the latest anniversary edition.

Krishnan is a CNN Heroes 2010 Award Winner and V-RYTHM Award 2011 recipient.

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Award for excellence

Akshaya won an award in India for Excellence on Sunday, January 1, 2012, and was awarded Rs.15,000.

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Coverage in Germany

Akshaya was covered in Germany and there have been several people contacting us because of this.

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In Regional News

Akshaya is covered by a regional news paper a very prestigious news paper in that area in regional language.

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Upcoming Event

"Welkom" Akshaya Nederland

We take great pleasure in welcoming the newest affiliate to Akshaya Trust — Akshaya Nederland.

Interest in Akshaya Trust and the work of Krishnan and his dedicated supporting volunteers has rapidly grown in the Netherlands, as well as many other parts of Europe. Volunteers dedicated to Akshaya's cause have taken up the task of forming the charitable entity Akshaya Nederland. A website and a Facebook link are being created so revisit this site frequently for more information about Akshaya Nederland.

>>> Contact Akshaya Nederland